Let’s get into groups

Check out the groups that have come out of our brainstorming session…

Group 1

  • Digital Labor
  • Intellectual Property – women and other marginalized groups

Group 2

  • Decentering whiteness, heteronormativity, middle-classness.  Teaching against the status quo.  Barriers to support
  • “L”, “I”, “O”
  • Interactions R, G, C
  • Theory and Practice

Group 3

  • Feminist approaches to information literacy
  • LIS education
  • Storytelling
  • Theory and Practice

Group 4

  • FLIS outside LIS
  • Dissemination of feminism discourse across disciplines

Group 5

  • “anti” work within in the system.  Gramsci’s notion of “Organic intellectuals”
  • Practicing LIS on the job
  • Political climate

Group 6

  • Cataloging feminist gray literature/blogs
  • Collecting stories/storytelling
  • Women’s studies resources

Group 7

  • “Being” female
  • Computer technology
  • Storytelling

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