What are you reading?

Titles of classic and contemporary readings were flying around the room in the areas of LIS, FLIS, sociology, education, philosophy, prison experiences, among others.  If you made a suggestion or caught the details of a suggestion, please share it by adding it to our growing list of resources or our Zotero group bibliography.

The most recent addition was shared by Sue Searing:

In our group (#6) we discussed storytelling, and I recommended this research done at U of Illinois GSLIS on distance education students:
Catch a cyber by the tale : online orality and the lore of a distributed learning community / Betsy Hearne & Anna Nielsen. In _ Learning, culture, and community in online education : research and practice_ / Caroline Haythornthwaite & Michelle M. Kazmer, editors, pp. 59-88. NY: P. Lang, 2004.
The research uncovered the folklore of the earliest distance ed cohorts at GSLIS, including stories about juggling school and the rest of life. These are mostly women’s stories, of course.